Our team are always working together to offer you the highest level of care. That's why we can offer you dual consultations. You can book in to see multiple practitioners at the same time if the reason for your visit needs a collaborative approach to treatment. For example, you may have foot and ankle pain that you would like to see both the physiotherapist and podiatrist for. Or you may have just started your weight loss journey and so seeing both our dietitian and exercise physiologist might be the way to go.

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When you see a podiatrist at all in one health you can expect a 5 step process to addressing your problems. 

Step 1. Interview/Discussion: Initially we need to know more about you and what it is that gets you up every morning. We get to the bottom of what’s going on in your everyday life and what you believe has contributed to your injuries or condition.

Step 2. Biomechanical Assessment: This includes a full postural assessment of your body and a closer inspection of your injured area.

Step 3. Gait Analysis: We will get you up on the treadmill and assess how your lower limb and foot are functioning with every step. 

Step 4. Footwear Assessment: Footwear plays an important role in helping our podiatrist to diagnoses and assess how your mechanics are playing a role on your feet.  

Step 5. Journey Planning: This stage of the process allows both you and the podiatrist to set expectations and goals together.  It also allows us to determine how our other practitioners may be helpful in achieving your goals.


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Whether you are in pain, recovering from injury, surgery or ill-health, or purely want to improve your physical function, seeing our physio can help. Our experienced physiotherapist works on achieving long-term results through collaboration with the whole team, including the podiatrist, exercise physiologists, and dietitians.  This means you receive the highest quality of care and communication between your treating professionals.


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Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiologists are different to personal trainers as they apply the science of helping you reach an optimal health with the certainty of knowing your medical conditions and/or injuries are being taken into account.  Exercise prescription needs to be tailor made to suit each individual and ensure their health and wellbeing needs are being met.  We are passionate about taking an in depth medical and injury history to be able to tailor a program for you.  You will be guided through your sessions and have the opportunity to have access to your online program where you can rate and give feedback as you go through your program at home. Your exercise physiologist will collaborate with your other treating practitioners to ensure you are all working towards achieving the same goals.


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Nutrition and Dietetics

Dietitians promote good dietary health and treat nutritional problems by providing practical advice about food choices based on scientific research. Our dietitian offers group sessions as well as individual sessions and is open to people of all ages.


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Diabetes Educator

Our Credentialled Diabetes Educator is a specialists in diabetes. They are health professionals who have completed further study to focus their efforts on helping people with diabetes self-manage their diabetes effectively and prevent complications.  Our diabetes educator can be the first point of call when you are wanting more information, support and/or motivation in the management of your diabetes.


Group sessions

Group exercise classes

We offer a variety of group exercise classes to suit your ability, schedule and your goals, all run by our accredited exercise physiologist in our intimate gym on site. Classes are also offered out of normal business hours for the same great value. Casual sessions and prepaid bulk passes are available.


Type two diabetes group sessions

Our diabetes group session involve eight individual sessions where our primary goal is to transform people with diabetes into self-educators. You will be taken on a journey with our diabetes educator, dietitian and exercise physiologist with a special visit from our podiatrist to talk all things feet.


Weight loss group sessions

Are you looking for help in your weight loss journey? Did you know that people who attend group sessions when actively trying to lose weight get better results? Our team of highly experienced professionals are here to help you to achieve your goals. These professionals include our accredited exercise physiologist, dietitian and our registered nurse who is also an accredited diabetes educator.


Balance classes

Our balance classes are aimed at helping to prevent falls and improve physical coordination. Our class are perfect for anyone with long term but stable health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, arthritis, osteoporosis and obesity. It is also ideal for anyone who might want to exercise in a safe, social environment.


Aqua aerobic classes

Do you live in an over 50s retirement resort? Want to have organised aqua classes on site run by an accredited exercise physiologist? We offer a variety of classes to suit your ability and schedule.


Kids boot camp

We offer a played based boot camp for children aged between 2-6 to get them moving and help with hand eye coordination. Our accredited exercise physiologist has extensive experience in working with children to help them develop not only physical fitness but also self confidence.

We offer private group sessions in the clinic as well as day care visit sessions.